Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My husband is……

My husband is a lot of things. (A saint for starters.) I blog about his shortcomings here and mainly I do it in jest. What never occurs to me is that he will take it with anything other than the best of my intentions. I always think he must know that I love him. I love all of him. I love all of Rick exactly how he is. Otherwise, I’d never chosen to spend an entire lifetime with him. I always think he knows that I’d never have chosen him to procreate with, if I did not know he’d make me laugh, cry, frustrate me at times, but mostly support me and be the best husband and father I could ever imagine.

Sometimes I guess what I write hurts his feelings. It never occurred to me that it did. For that I am deeply sorry. He is my rock. He is my guide, my beacon. He holds my hand and reminds me that I’m good enough. He lifts me up. He texts me everyday saying that he loves me and that I’m beautiful.

When I poke at him, it’s supposed to be in jest. It’s not supposed to be hurtful. I love him so much. I am lucky to have him and don’t often enough let him know that.

He helps with the kids, he helps with laundry, he does the dishes every Sunday. He kisses me every morning; he puts the lid down on the toilet. He kisses my neck when I’m cooking dinner. He remembers what color roses we had in our wedding.

Sometimes I wonder how I ever landed a guy this handsome and sweet. Especially as we grow older, I get more wrinkles and grey and he just looks more distinguished.

He is ALL of this to me and I am so thankful he is mine and I am his. So thankful for this home we have created, this life we live, and these babies we’ve made. Without him it would all be lost.

That is what my husband is to me. So yes, he is sometimes the butt of my jokes, but never ever anything less than EVERYTHING to me.  

"My work is the only ground I've ever had to stand on. I seem to have a whole superstructure with no foundation, but I'm working on the foundation." 
Said by Marilyn Monroe

I have a foundation. It was built for me by the constant praise, belief in me, and love for me, by my husband. No one ever believed in me the way that he has. He has helped me to believe in myself. 

In short- My husband is THE SHIT!!!

 And NO he did not hack my blog…