Monday, July 20, 2009

This my virgin run.....

Funny I use those words seeing as how today I turn 37 and am far from virginity...I am a mother of three beautiful children and a wife to one amazing man. My life is so full and so wondrous. I am starting this blog well... because of the zoo? That may seem odd but let me explain.. The other day my family and I went to the zoo and in the course of the six or so hours that we were there I heard woman after woman saying the same things over and over to their husbands and kids. I would lean slightly to the side and eavesdrop. One woman was arguing quite loudly with hubby that she was not his mother and was a bit tired of being made to feel as if she were. Yet another said to her spouse that she was always doing whatever she could to make his life easier, and wondered when some thought would be given to what would make her life easier? Still another was annoyed that her husband was complaining about going to the zoo and how it was her idea and that they always had to go where she wanted to go. She responded that if that were the case she'd be drinking somewhere poolside and that this in fact was something they were doing for the kids and not for her. Long story short I felt as if I were watching reruns of my own life and a strange sort of vertigo came over me... Here we all are; all these wives and mommies living our separate lives but somehow all of us living the exact same dramas and the exact same issues. I decided we needed a voice. I am no more qualified than the next gal but for whatever reason I just can't sit by anymore and say nothing... So here goes... sit back relax, enjoy, relate, laugh, scream, cry but if nothing else feel that you are not alone ladies!!!


For better of for worse we are not the mothers that our mothers were. How can we be? It is impossible. Let’s face facts! The world has changed so much since then. The safety and security most of us felt in childhood has vanished and been replaced by a world of school shootings, abductions, and pedophiles. You can’t just let your kids go outside and play anymore. Now you must know where they are every second of every minute of every hour! If I have to hear from my mother one more time how I can finally understand what she went through, and just how hard it is to be a mom, I think I’ll scream. I can’t just put my kid in an unsafe metal collapsible playpen out in the sun with no SPF while I take a smoke break and spray my bee hive with chlorofluorocarbons and chat on the phone. I must practically sit on my kids to insure their safety. Yes, I admit that it is true, every generation believes they have it worse than the last. However, I’m afraid that this time we may be right. So what about this blog? Well, I only have two goals in writing it. The first is to let all you others out there hiding behind the modern woman facade- "Know that you are not alone!" and, "NO you are not crazy." The second thing is that I hope when my daughter becomes a mother herself, things might just be the tiniest eensyest bit easier for her because of this story. YOU CAN NOT DO IT ALL!!!